tombraidercroft replied to your post:I’m thinking of selling my old drawing tablet

We have the same tablet! *high five* My boss gave me a much larger wacom tablet but it doesn’t fit on my desk so I still use the bamboo.

Nice! The Bamboo is indeed a great tablet, the one I currently use is an Intous 4, which had served me well to this day and so far hasn’t suffered from glitchy drivers which Is something that I had heard some people had experienced.


I’m thinking of selling my old drawing tablet

This was my first drawing tablet, and basically the one that helped get into digital drawing. It’s a Wacom Bamboo FUN that I bought back in mid 2009. I retired it once I bought my current tablet back in 2012, but I tested it again, and it works fine.  It was $80.00 when I bought it, so I’m willing to sell for half the price, and it comes with everything, the cable, then pen, the mouse and even the installation and drawing programs it came with, such as an old Photoshop Essentials which is was I used back then.

If you are interested contact me via so we may negotiate.

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