What’s the matter with the single picture posts looking really small at first? I’m not the not the only getting this right?

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It was inevitable.

The Hub will be no more, it’s going to be rebranded. into Discovery Family or something. At least Hasbro it’s still planning on creating material for the network but only from the 9 am-3pm times, so It seems the New Transformers series it’s still going to be part of it.

 I Will admit I loved watching this channel since its premiere back in 2010 because back then it showed old cartoons from the 90s that I grew up, Batman, Superman and Batman Beyond, Animaniacs  etc, and I remember they used to have the old Transformers and GI Joe shows from the 80s on late night, that was fun to watch. But I noticed since 2012 they stopped airing these or they were moved on way too early times,  it didn’t felt the same anymore since then. 

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